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liliths_diary @ 03:13 pm: Just need to make sure...
...that I am not missing anything here.

One must perform ghusl before/after:

-After sexual relations with ones husband/wife.
-After any kind of sexual discharge.
-After ones period.
-After giving birth.
-After losing conciousness.
-Before Friday and Eid salah.
-Before going on the hajj.
-Before formally converting to Islam.

One must perform wudu before/after:

-Before Salah: After one has used the restroom, passed any type of gas, has slept, has bled, has thrown up.
-Before touching/reading the Quran (unless it is a translation); also before reciting anything from the Quran (in Arabic).

Is it also true that one may not even say Allah or recite any dua (as in, just having a conversation with Allah) without purifying oneself beforehand? Or is that only when using a prayer that comes directly from the Quran?

Please, correct any of my mistakes and add anything that I may have forgotten here. I am trying to make an organized guide of things that absolutely need to be known by heart, so that I can easily find everything in one place if I need to reassure myself of anything.

Thank you very much in advance & Selam!


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Date:December 2nd, 2008 06:22 am (UTC)
I have not heard that Ghusl was obligatory after loosing consciousness. I have only read that wudu is required.

Wudu is required before prayer for any time you use the bathroom, have lost consciousness (including sleeping unless you are sleeping in the Mosque between prayers), break wind, bled any amount which is flowing (meaning a scratch where blood only comes to the surface does NOT break wudu), and vomiting more than a mouthful (meaning if you belch and a sour taste comes up that is not enough to warrant a new wudu).

You do NOT have to perform wu'du before touching the Qur'an or reading from it, it is recommended to do so only as a form of respect.

You may make du'a at any time. There is no condition for that.
Imagine if you were struggling with someone and wanted to make a du'a that Allah would help you in the situation. Are you going to tell the person to wait so you can purify yourself? No.. that's silly. Islam is a practical way of life. There are hundreds of scenarios where purification before du'a is impractical.

Consider all the du'a that are listed in the Sunnah.. there is a du'a before and after you use the bathroom should you chose to recite it. Such a du'a obviously would not require purification. There is another before and after intercourse...

One comment if I may. I understand that you are a convert and as such carry names which your parents may have given you or that you may have given yourself in the way of a nickname.
The nickname (or real name) "Lilith" is part of Jewish pagan mysticism and should be eventually removed from your use as a Muslim woman. It fits the qualifiers that Muhammad (SAWS) himself used in life when changing people's names because the name associates with something which is considered negative in Islam.
Date:December 2nd, 2008 10:17 am (UTC)
Thanks you very much for clearing this up for me :))
I have yet to take my Shahadah, but I will be in the next few months for sure. Before I do, I am reading the Quran one more time through and trying to make sure that I am completely knowledgable of everything that I will need to start doing differently on a daily basis once I officially revert. (I am a perfectionist and I just need to work out every kink before I take that final step!)
I am aware of the name "lilth's" history and have actually wanted to change the name for a while, but in order to do that I would have to delete my journal and start a new one, which I would not be happy about doing. Would it really be a sin to keep it? My real name, though it is the English version, is already one of the most important Islamic female names, so I never thought that name changing would be an issue.
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Date:December 3rd, 2008 12:14 pm (UTC)
I don't think it would be a sin technically since most people are NOT aware of the meaning behind Lilith.

Personally I had a fascination with her mythological roots and have always wanted to see a good horror flick done about it.

I also understand about not wanting to delete the journal. You can buy a name change token for only $20 though if that ever becomes an option for you.

The name change should only come up when the name is against Islamic teaching or would create too much pride. One man whose name was changed by Muhammad (SAWS) was because his name meant something like "the most spectacular" and it was too boastful for a Muslim to keep. Another because his name meant "Servant of" a pagan idol.

Ultimately it is up to you; I just wanted to point it out so that it wouldn't become a stumbling block down the road.

Insh'Allah if you have any other questions please ask and you don't need to worry, there's no judgement here, only kind advice. :)
Date:December 3rd, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
I thank you very much for your input, and like I mentioned before, I have been wanting to change my nick on here, but those would be $20 that will have to be used for other things for the time being. I most likely will get it changed when I can spare the cash.

And thanks for being there and ready to answer any questions, insha'Allah :)))
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