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thehumanthings @ 08:33 pm: lesbianism in liberal islam

what is the view of Lebianism in moderate / liberal Islam? nothing in the kor'an about it. thanks


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Date:February 23rd, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
Homosexuality in and of itself being the sexual attraction to members of the same gender is not prohibited in Islam.

However, acting upon this urge and committing homosexual acts IS prohibited in Islam.

The Islamic response to this is that all of us are given challenges to overcome in order to purify ourselves, for those with homosexual urges the jihad (spiritual struggle) is to overcome this and focus on the path of Allah (SWT).

It is recognized that homosexuals are naturally inclined toward this sexual preference just as it is recognized that some people are obsessed with sex, become nymphomaniacs, etc... each is a different sexually related jihad. Other people may have an obsession with money or jewelry or other desires which supersede worship of Allah. All of these things are part of jihad and must be dealt with in a spiritual manner.
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