Тассавуф - в авангарде защиты Ислама

Истина суфизма. Вклад тасаввуфа в развитие Ислама и защиту его от врагов религии.

Знай, если правдивы утверждения кяфиров-востоковедов и заблудших о том, что суфизм не есть исламский путь и что его корни - в христианстве, иудаизме, буддизме и так далее, в таком случае суфизм должен был внести свой вклад в борьбу против Ислама. Однако вся 14-вековая история Ислама свидетельствует об обратном.

A dialog between Muslims and non-Muslims

Hi there,

I'm a college student interested in culture and bridging gaps between different communities. This semester I am taking a class called Islam Today, wherein we study and discuss issues in the Middle East and Islam. These issues include 9/11, women in Islam, the Middle East conflict, Arab culture, and so on.

One of my assignments is to interview Muslims and see what they think about the matters we discuss in class. I was wondering if anyone here would like to share your opinions with me? I am always looking to open my mind, and to advance my understanding of global events and issues and of different religions and cultures. I would appreciate any insight you have.

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It is said that during the month of Ramadan God closes the gates of hell. Therefore we do not struggle with the evils of Satan for the next month. Instead, we struggle with the evils within OURSELVES.

Islam in 176 Hours... Dr. Jamal Badawi


About Islamic Teachings:

     This program, for Dr. Jamal Badawi, contains about 176 acoustical hours that discuss 12 main subjects. Such subjects give you everything concerning Islam in a very big tree of items and nodes.

Through this program, you have a real chance to understand Islam. In the very beginning, you'll know: What Monotheism means, how to believe in Allah, Prophets, angles, what's after death, etc.

Then, you'll get to understand the systems the Creator set for all human beings: The moral and social system, the economic system, the political system, etc. Finally, there are so many misunderstood concepts about Islam you'll be so close to discuss and understand. "Islamic Teachings" is, indeed, your key to discover Islam.

The subjects are as follows :

·        Monotheism.

·        Prophet-hood.

·        Muhammad (pbuh) in the Bible.

·        Muslim's beliefs.

·        The pillars of Islam.

·        Moral teachings of Islam.

·        Social system of Islam.

·        Economic system of Islam.

·        Political system of Islam.

·        Miracles in the Qur'an.

·        Jesus: the beloved messenger of Allah.

·        Muhammad : the last messenger of Allah

User Age: Recommended for over 15 years
Content level: Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced

Just need to make sure...

...that I am not missing anything here.

One must perform ghusl before/after:

-After sexual relations with ones husband/wife.
-After any kind of sexual discharge.
-After ones period.
-After giving birth.
-After losing conciousness.
-Before Friday and Eid salah.
-Before going on the hajj.
-Before formally converting to Islam.

One must perform wudu before/after:

-Before Salah: After one has used the restroom, passed any type of gas, has slept, has bled, has thrown up.
-Before touching/reading the Quran (unless it is a translation); also before reciting anything from the Quran (in Arabic).

Is it also true that one may not even say Allah or recite any dua (as in, just having a conversation with Allah) without purifying oneself beforehand? Or is that only when using a prayer that comes directly from the Quran?

Please, correct any of my mistakes and add anything that I may have forgotten here. I am trying to make an organized guide of things that absolutely need to be known by heart, so that I can easily find everything in one place if I need to reassure myself of anything.

Thank you very much in advance & Selam!

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