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bubblyshades @ 07:56 pm: A dialog between Muslims and non-Muslims
Hi there,

I'm a college student interested in culture and bridging gaps between different communities. This semester I am taking a class called Islam Today, wherein we study and discuss issues in the Middle East and Islam. These issues include 9/11, women in Islam, the Middle East conflict, Arab culture, and so on.

One of my assignments is to interview Muslims and see what they think about the matters we discuss in class. I was wondering if anyone here would like to share your opinions with me? I am always looking to open my mind, and to advance my understanding of global events and issues and of different religions and cultures. I would appreciate any insight you have.

Below are some of my questions. I look forward to hearing your guys' thoughts.
1. Unfortunately, Islam is a widely and grossly misunderstood religion. How big a role do you think the (Western) media has in producing or reinforcing this gross misrepresentation?
2. What is your stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
3. It is sometimes easy to confuse culture with religion. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive. Upon learning of this, many people would jump to the conclusion that Islam looks down on women, when in reality the religion teaches respect for them. How do you suggest breaking down the stereotype that Muslim women have no rights nor respect in their communities?
4. Certain countries have banned the hijab (France, Turkey). What is your opinion on this issue? Should women have the right to choose to wear the hijab? Do you think that freedom to wear a hijab is a relevant issue in Islam, considering other issues such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, go
5. Do you think 9/11 and the consequent War on Terrorism has affected the global ties between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities? If yes, how so?
6. Do you think peace in the Middle East is possible? However long it might take? Why or why not?
7. What are some major differences between progessive Muslims and conservative Muslims? In terms of beliefs and values.

Anything else you would like to add to the dialog is welcome. Thank you all.


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Date:March 30th, 2010 09:56 am (UTC)

contd..... phew

6. Do you think peace in the Middle East is possible? However long it might take? Why or why not?

peace in the middle east is a worn out phrase. its not possible with the current political system because each country only cares about its own interests. the only way to achieve peace is to think about others and to sacrifice. and no country, especially not the western countries, have presented a good example for that type of behavior.

7. What are some major differences between progessive Muslims and conservative Muslims? In terms of beliefs and values.

"islam" is a noun that (religiously speaking) doesn't take adjectives. there is no such thing as "progressive islam" or "radical islam" or "modern islam." Islam means submission. So put those adjectives with submission and see if it makes any sense. It will no longer be "submission" if you radicalize it or modernize it... muslims however don't always live up to the standard of islam so they take adjectives. but progressive muslims usually means people who want to change islam which they have no right. Its God's words not theirs, why should they change it without His permission? The Quran says that Islam has been perfected for us, so for these people to propagate a "change" in any basic islamic principles, it is a call to a new religion and nothing more.

conservative muslims, unfortunately, is a term that usually is applied to the religious crowd who has no deep or at times proper understanding of Islam. Islam is a scholarly religion which consists of many sciences (i.e. science of quran, hadith, jurisprudence, inheritance, theology etc.)

Muslism who want to follow Islam shouldn't use adjectives in my opinion. We are Muslims and we follow the Quran and Sunnah (prophetic traditions) which is Islam. If anyone wants to change it and call it progession, we say no thanks. If anyone wants to radicalize it and call it conservatism we say no thanks. That is my personal opinion on that matter.

I hope that helps some. I hope you don't take anything I say to be a total representation of the muslim community, i'm just one out of billions. others may have their own opinions which may be better than mine. Allah knows best.
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