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learn_islam's Journal

LJ Portal for Islamic Information
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The purpose of the creation of learn_islam is to allow a place where non-Muslims and Muslims can learn about and discuss Islamic teachings and issues that affect and are relevant to Muslims insha'Allah (if Allah wills it).

Ikhtilaaf, or differences in opinion in Islam is promoted as long as the subject being discussed is open for ikhtilaaf as specified in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh). Islam has a history of allowing differences of opinions on certain subjects as evident in its history and the formation of various schools of thoughts (madhaahib). This community is designed for all muslims, regardless of sect or association, as long as subjects are supported with Islamic evidence (daleel). There is no sect discrimination here insha'Allah.

Please keep all discussions within the limits of Islamic decorum (adab). Irrelevant subjects and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

What this community is:
  • A place for non-muslims to ask questions about Islam
  • A place for muslims to ask other muslims questions about Islam
  • A place to post fataawaa (Islamic verdicts) for discussion and debate
  • A place to post general Islamic information for the puposes of mature debate
  • A place to post articles for discussion or debate
  • A place where muslims and non-muslims can exchange dialogue maturely and politely

    What this community is not:
  • A place for Christian missionaries to tell Muslims what to believe
  • A community for ad hominem attacks
  • A war zone! No flaming, trolls, spam etc.

    Your moderators: ghareebah and soulfulwriter
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